A Goddess for Tonight

In a haze of dewy cloudiness, I see her. I watch as she floats effortlessly through the air. Her short, curly black hair beckons me to take in the sweet smells of lavender and vanilla that intertwine themselves around each soft tendril. The creaminess of her soft, pale skin sends tiny vibrations through my fingertips even though I am afraid to reach out and touch her. Her full lips open to a smile that is so deceiving, but appetizing at the same time. I allow my gaze to become transfixed in the icy blue waters that lie in the depths of her eyes.

Writing by Melissa

How Sleep Affects Your Health   In a culture where connections are easily made, the list of things that elude you can be very small. However, when sleep is on the top of the list, nothing seems to function as it should. Let’s explore what happens when you lack sleep, how much you need, the… Continue reading Writing by Melissa


Sample of Writing by Melissa

Compensation Tips for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners   Searching for your first job as a health care provider or even just a new job can be stressful. This article will help you understand different compensation models you may encounter in your search and help you decide which one is best for you.   Common salary/benefits… Continue reading Sample of Writing by Melissa


Forty years, 126 days

I have been forty years old for 126 days today. What is the significance of that, you might ask? Well, on the surface, absolutely nothing! However, if you will sit for a bit, grab a cup of coffee, chai tea, beer or whiskey (my preference), I will tell you what I have learned in those… Continue reading Forty years, 126 days


Enough Already

Today’s buzz word is self-care, also known as self-management. There is so much buzz around taking care of ourselves. Especially for women. It seems like a simple enough concept, yet many of us, me included, fail miserably.