Anything to feel better…….Maybe?!

I have been ill for a few days now. I put up a real good fight this am, but sadly, the illness won and I ended up in bed. I went to work only to realize that I had no idea how I got there and how I was going to get home. Every muscle in my body ached and I am quite certain there was a small man with a sledge hammer inside my skull attempting to break the Guinness book of world records for the number of subsequent hammer poundings!

I was bound and determined to make it as long as I could. I warmed up my oatmeal and filled my Yeti with water. I stopped to talk to a friend. In hindsight, I probably only achieved spreading my germs. But, she evened the score when she told me that apparently in my ½ alert state while getting ready for work I had a achieved a new look, by only applying eyeliner to my right eye, not my left. I told her it was quite plausible that I had done this in my feverish stupor. I am just waiting to see everyone walking around with this new look tomorrow, when I attempt to drag my germ ridden body back to work! I am quite certain I have started a new trend. Ha!

In between sleeping and snuggling with my dog today, I researched natural ways and old wives tales on how to treat a cold just to see what kind of unique and crazy things I could find. One of my favorites is a Spanish tradition I read about where you put onions in the corners of all of the rooms of the house as they will absorb the germs. I wonder how my kids would like this if I started slicing up onions and filling up the corners of the house with them. If one in each corner works, twenty slices would have to be better, right? That would be one stinky way to get rid of germs!

My throat hurts, so I looked up what to do for that specific symptom and found that I should drink ginger tea and then tie a handkerchief around my neck. I am afraid that the only thing I would achieve with this tactic would be to look like a dog who recently visited the groomers! Not a fancy groomer either. Another sore throat remedy was to mix cayenne pepper with warm water and lemon and gargle it as long as you can tolerate. What? This sounds insane. I am certain your throat would still hurt, just in a new spicy way. Another strategy was to eat lots of lettuce. And, finally drink hot grape juice.

And, the absolute best remedy I ready about for an ear ache is to roll a newspaper into a funnel shape. Place the pointed end into the ear and set the other end on fire! This should draw the infection out of the ear so that you can tilt the head and drain it. Nowhere in the directions thought did it tell me when to put out the fire, so I decided not to partake in this remedy. I decided that I painful ear is better than a singed ear.

Being a nurse, I think I will simply take my DayQuil/NyQuil combo back, diffuse some natural oils that will help to decongest my sinuses and sleep! Sleep is always the best remedy. So, I am going to take my one “on-point” mascara and pencil-lined eye-lid back to bed and hope that tomorrow I have the energy to fix both of my eyes!

Stay Healthy Friends!


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