Enough Already

Today’s buzz word is self-care, also known as self-management.  There is so much buzz around taking care of ourselves. Especially for women. It seems like a simple enough concept, yet many of us, me included, fail miserably.

It seems to me that what started our as an honest attempt to get women to care for their mind, body and soul became a lucrative industry.  Established businesses and entrepreneurs alike latched on to the idea of self-care and launched new business lines.    Self-care is no longer about eating well, exercising and managing stress.  It is not just about reading labels and making conscious decisions about what we put in and on our bodies.  It is now about buying the newest product to get the fastest results.

This industry has turned into a desire to be in the hottest new fitness class that burns pounds off of our body while sweat drips from places we never knew existed.  It is the latest hair removal technique that may require us to be in the most awkward of positions, while alone with a stranger.  Or, maybe it is large wrap that smells of the belly of the ocean that boasts the power to remove toxins, fat and shrink your waistline overnight!  While all of these results do sound appealing, the means one has to endue to get the results is simply more than I care attempt.

What is a girl to do, you might ask?  Go to the mirror, look at the amazing woman who is peering back at you with beautifully colored eyes and beautiful round cheeks.  Stare straight into her soul and tell her out loud, “You are enough!”  It is that simple!  You are enough.  You don’t need the biggest, the best or the most expensive new fan-dangled item to care for yourself.  You only have to believe that you are enough.  Yes, you need to eat healthy, exercise, see your doctors regularly and feed your spiritual being with knowledge and love.  Beyond that, girl, all you need is to believe these simple words, “YOU ARE ENOUGH”.

So, tell the hot yoga instructor to take a cold shower!  Ship that seaweed back to the ocean!  Starting today, all you need is you!  Do you Boo!  YOU ARE ENOUGH!


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